Forge Manipulators & Robots

We design Manipulators and Robots to handle your workload. We will work closely with your team from design stage to completion, to ensure you receive a unique machine that is tailored to your unique operational environment. 

Your robot will be robustly built to expertly handle the stress, frequency and loading pressures you require for optimal output. We’d be happy to arrange a virtual meeting with you to discuss your needs and start building a robot that meets your objectives. 

Single Pantograph Forge Manipulators

Clansman Manipulators are currently excelling with robustness and precision in most of the world’s leading forges. They have proven to be an effective way of feeding furnaces, mills, hammers and presses.

Our manipulators are analysed and reanalysed, allowing us to guarantee your equipment’s reliability and long service life. That long life means 10 years of operation, on 3 shifts per day, with a cycle every 6 seconds. A ferocious duty where you can expect 40 million cycles, delivered with reliability, minimal stoppages, and reduced maintenance costs.

Highlighted Features

- Steel castings in highly stressed areas to avoid fatigue in welds
- Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings throughout for increased reliability
- Electronic force and acceleration feedback in the control arm
- Stainless steel hydraulic tank to limit corrosion and minimise oil contamination
- Simple electronic control card provides enhanced reliability
- Ergonomic control arm and handle reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
- Option to mount on a linear trolley for maximum flexibility and working area


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Double Pantograph Manipulators

Clansman Dynamics has developed a range of extended reach, double pantograph manipulators to allow safe and reliable handling of your parts in even the tightest of spaces. Reaching deep into high-temperature furnaces or open/closed die forging processes becomes a simple task.

The double pantograph geometry produces straight-line motion in the horizontal and vertical axes – a critical benefit that protects the furnace hearth and refractory. And the ability to fully automate the equipment provides optimum functionality with minimal human intervention required.

Highlighted Features

- Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings throughout for increased reliability
- Extended reach capability – reduced minimum radius and increased maximum radius
- Linear travel of grippers through the horizontal and vertical working envelope
- Hydraulic cylinder and motor on grippers located behind the wrist to ensure they never enter the furnace and are protected from heat
- Repeatable positional accuracies of up to ±1mm


a.smith@clansman Tel: 00123694616​

Linear Axis Forge Robots

Clansman Dynamics has a range of linear axis forging robots to complete your forging processes without the need for human intervention. Our robots can load parts into a heat treatment furnace and conduct fully automated isothermal development processes.

Our hydraulic and servo-electric robots are fully bespoke design to solve your operational environment’s unique problems and dimension. Our robots are highly precise, with low operating and maintenance costs. You can expect these machines to improve productivity and efficiency significantly.

Highlighted Features

- Fully automatic functionality, with no need for human intervention
- Repeatable positional accuracies of up to ±5mm (hydraulic)
- Repeatable positional accuracies = ±0.1mm (servo-electric)
- High speed and high accuracy servo motors, with a double drive on specific axes for backlash removal
- Capable of working in extreme environments, such as high-temperature furnaces or even inside vacuum chambers
- Fully supported cantilever forks on heat treatment loaders requiring no support rollers inside the furnace
- Hydraulic emergency retract function in case of power failure inside the furnace


a.smith@clansman Tel: 00123694616​

Manipulators with extreme flexibility and dexterity

One of our team would be happy to talk to you about your project to see if Clansman Dynamics could be the right solution for your business.