18th May 2020

COVID-19 Global Pandemic Update – Production Resumed

We are happy to announce that production is to be resumed, on a limited capacity, with additional measures put in place to keep our employees safe at Clansman.

Our priority is the health and safety of our employees and their families. A split shift pattern is now in place to limit the number of employees in the building at any one time. We practice safe social distancing in the factory, provide a range of protective equipment and we have added hygiene protocols. Most office staff continue to work from home. We will adapt our processes, to remain as safe as possible, in line with government guidance.

Due to restrictions on travel, we are unable to visit our customers’ sites for installation, commissioning, or service work on our equipment. We will continue to provide remote support wherever possible. We are preparing a plan to accommodate on-site work when restrictions are lifted. We appreciate your understanding.

We will share updated information when there are any significant changes.

We wish you well as we all seek to recover from this unprecedented challenge. Please stay safe and take care.

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Macdonald
Managing Director

Engineering Solutions since 1994.

This year Clansman Dynamics celebrates 25 years of producing the worlds leading and largest ranges of handling manipulators and riser removal hammers.

About Us

Clansman Dynamics was established in Scotland 1994 and brought together key personnel from competing technology. Those key members still form the basis of Clansman today and have a combined experience of over 100 years of experience in material handling in the most difficult environments.

Engineers from other backgrounds including engineering, electronics and software have strengthened the already award winning team and have brought the technical input that differentiates Clansman products from all others by providing supreme reliability.

The design philosophy is simple… robust and reliable! This is achieved through close attention to the reduction and where possible the elimination of fatigue and stress failures.

Since its creation, Clansman Dynamics has built up an enviable client list that includes some of the worlds most respected manufacturers and has established a reputation for providing effective solutions.

Engineering Philosophy

Clansman Dynamics has utilised the latest technology to ensure that the manipulators are the most robust and easiest machines to maintain. The design is continually updated to reflect feedback from our customers and service teams.


Over 600 manipulators and robots delivered to over 50 countries around the world gives Clansman an unrivaled level of experience that we can bring to your project.


Service and Support

A comprehensive global spares & service support program is in place to maintain and support your manipulators. Regular healthcare contracts can be setup to match your usage and production requirements.


Forge Automation

Working with leaders in the forge industry to develop and supply some of the worlds most advanced bespoke forging solutions incorporating the latest technology.


Foundry Systems

Our foundry partners have been instrumental in helping us develop the worlds largest and leading range of manipulators and robots. Robust and reliable solutions.


Engineered Solutions

Clansman Dynamics has 25 years experienece of designing robust and bespoke manipulators and robotic handling solutions for the Foundry, Forge and Industrial Sectors.