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Everything we do is to your exact specifications. Our manipulators will improve your business’s productivity and profitability, with sheer robustness and reliability. Clansman Dynamics is an employee-owned business. We take pride in everything we create. Our team is bursting with innovation and expertise. You are in safe hands.

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Clansman Dynamics Manipulator

Our Expertise

Clansman Dynamics

Forge Automation

Developing and supplying some of the world’s most advanced bespoke forging solutions using the latest technology.

Clansman Dynamics

Foundry Systems

Establishing the world’s largest and leading range of manipulators and robots. We offer robust and reliable solutions.

Clansman Dynamics

Forge & Foundry Grinding

Clansman Grinders operate in the world’s leading forges, with a life span of 10 years and 40 million cycles.

Clansman Dynamics

Servicing and Support

We have a global spares & service support program in place to maintain and support your manipulators.

Clansman Dynamics Team

Focus and Innovation from day one.

Every client arriving at Clansman has a unique set of requirements, concerns and objectives. Our focus is on understanding your needs and getting things right the first time.

We’ll walk you through the specification process, with experts on hand and available to offer recommendations and advice to maximise your output and withstand your workload. 

We pride ourselves on innovating new solutions that excel within any operational environment.

We’re dedicated to helping foundries and forges increase throughput, reduce operating costs and improve safety.”

Andrew Allan

Managing Director

Clansman Dynamics Grinder

Why Trust Us?

For over 25 years, we’ve worked closely with some of the world’s best-known and most demanding manufacturers. As an employee-owned business, every individual you come into contact with has a stake in your project’s success. We are engaged, motivated and ready to deliver only to the highest possible standard.


Everything we build is analysed and reanalysed to ensure a long useful life under exceptional workloads and stress levels.


Robustness and reliability are essential. We understand the immense pressure and frequency our machines endure. We build to last, then service to maintain.


We have over 100 years of combined real-life operational experience within our talented team. We have a track record of solving problems and building solutions.


Our competitors can not match the accountability and responsibility we feel towards your project's success, and in turn, our business.

Our Manipulators

We build manipulators to handle some of the world’s harshest operational environments. Our engineers have installed machines in every continent.

About Us

With a combined experience of over 100 years, we can ensure our engineering solutions remain fully operational in the most demanding working conditions.

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Spotlight on Our People

John McGroarty Clansman Dynamics

“It’s gratifying to know that machines we’ve designed, built, tested and installed are now carrying an immense combined workload for businesses all across the globe.”

John McGroarty

Spares and Service Supervisor

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