• 20/03/2016 - Continued developement of the G30P grinding system results in new system shipped to Turkey
  • 18/07/2017 - New class of very high speed, 150KG capacity, C320 manipulators shipped to Turkey
  • 26/04/2018 - Clansman Dynamics launches Clansman USA
  • 27/11/2016 - Continued developement in grinding automation results in Planar grinding and automated riser stub removal

2014 News

July 2014 - New 20T Capacity Manipulator Sold
Clansman Dynamics has designed and sold a 20T capacity manipulator. This rail bound manipulator is due to be delivered in Q1 2015. The C20010 is the latest, and largest, of Clansman’s range of Foundry Manipulators.



June 2014 - Clansman Celebrates 20 Years!

Clansman Dynamics commenced design of its first C510 manipulator in May 1994. Over the subsequent 20 years Clansman has strived to continually improve and expand its range of Foundry and Forging equipment. Today Clansman sells equipment in 50 countries with an annual turnover in excess of £12M!

April 2014 - Clansman Ships 2 C4010ERS Forging Manipulators

A pair of the new Extended Reach manipulators are shipped to a forge in Russia. This structure gives double the standard horizontal envelope and straightline motion.