• 20/03/2016 - Continued developement of the G30P grinding system results in new system shipped to Turkey
  • 18/07/2017 - New class of very high speed, 150KG capacity, C320 manipulators shipped to Turkey
  • 26/04/2018 - Clansman Dynamics launches Clansman USA
  • 27/11/2016 - Continued developement in grinding automation results in Planar grinding and automated riser stub removal

Control Arm and Force Feedback



Clansman Dynamics has developed and patented a Control Arm and force feed back system which solves well known problems that have existed with competitors' machines since they were first developed 25 years ago. The system uses the standard Master Arm / Slave Arm principle but with a completely different, and now well proven, arrangement. 


Tired arms arise for 2 reasons:


  • With competitors' manipulators the operator grips the control handle and has no support for his own lower arm. The Clansman arrangement provides 100% support to the operator's arm regardless of the position of the Master Arm and does not tire the operator's arm.
  • With competitors' manipulators the operator always has to overcome a load caused by seal friction and the force of the force feed back system itself. With the new Clansman arrangement the operator only has to work against the tiny friction force from low friction bearings while he keeps the Master Arm synchronised with the Slave Arm. The Clansman system of force feed back does not tire the operator.





























Key Design Features

The Clansman solution provides a very precise, comfortable,

robust and easy to maintain Master Arm.


  •      Variable, dual motor,  electric force feedback system.   
  •      Precise, reliable and robust design.
  •      Ergonomic, injection moulded control handle with aluminium switch plate.
  •      High-quality microswitch selection, 10,000,000 cycle lifespan.
  •      Use of well-proven commercial parts.